What I Haven't Done in a Long Time


Write Poetry

I haven’t written poetry in a long time. When I re-read any of my pieces, a lot of it is angst ridden (ah, the blessed young years of writing). Most of it anyways.

One aspect that I do enjoy when re-reading it is the cleverness of the words. It’s the way the words are used to create the imagery.

It’s an aspect of writing that I thoroughly enjoy. I always looking for this in other people’s writing. I try to pursue it in my own works. For me, it’s this idea that makes or breaks following an author.

Lift Weights

I haven’t done weight training in a long time. I’ve been incredibly blessed to discover and embrace cycling, but weight training alludes me.

I can’t concentrate when I am lifting weights. I get distracted. I get bored. I’ve tried 5 minutes sessions. I’ve followed simple Youtube video clips. I’ve used my own body weight for reps/sets. I’ve used free weights. I keep to something for a week and drop it in the next.

I’m a little concerned. This is the next phase of my health & fitness that I need to get into for my weight loss journey. At some point, I am going to create a blog about documenting weight training. Maybe this will be the focus I need.

Get Up Early

I haven’t gotten up at 4:30 am for a long time. For a solid year, I was getting up at 4:30 am every morning, 7 days a week, to grow my personal space. Slowly the time crept to 5:00 am. Then to 5:30, and now I’m lucky when I get up at 6:00 am.

Much of my early morning rising rotated around my personal growth goals. That has changed. My journaling, my devotional time, my drawing time has changed.

I am not sure how I feel about the transition. I realize habits can be seasonal. Since I no longer work a regular 9-5 job, it kind of makes sense that my morning routine would change.

I know early mornings did focus me to work on the more important aspect of my daily life, but I am finding that it easier to work throughout the day as I’ve incorporated writing and art into my routine.

Be On Twitter

I haven’t been on Twitter for a long time. I’ve had a difficult time taking to Twitter. Back during my Library Studies grad school days, I joined the app to join the social media hype like all my classmates did. It was a testing ground for a lot of our homework.

As soon as I graduated, I ditched the platform. For whatever reason, I’d try to get back into using the app once in a while. I think it’s the viewing platform that I find visually uncomfortable. It just doesn’t flow for me.  

But I must – it’s the main platform for freelance writing. I need to find interesting content to hooked me into using it more often.

Drink Large Amounts of Coffee

I haven’t drunken 2-4 cups of coffee in a long time. My coffee needs have changed since August. I used to consume immediately upon waking and into the morning as I worked on my art. That changed during the 5 weeks we were away from home.

I ended up giving up coffee, refusing to drink the sludge that we had access to at the time. During a day trip to New York, I inhaled a heavenly cup of crème and rich java. It changed me. I talked non-stop for 24 hours of my divine experience.

I came back to Seattle determined to experience that moment again. That moment costed me my Chemex usage. I reverted to an espresso machine and now consume crème and one shot of espresso each morning.

I’m now accustomed to drinking rich coffee. I continue to refuse to go completely black. I need that crème!

In Reflection

At the end of the day, this list is much longer, but in a sense it’s an excellent representation of the good, the bad and the ugly of habits. I now need to reflect on habits I have been doing for a long time. That’s for another blog post!





Andrea Becker