The Brain & the Habit


The mantra I’ve taken to heart is embrace change. Be curious. Do something new weekly, daily if you can. Take a different route, try a new coffee, select something interesting on the menu. View the world of living through refreshed eyes. Get out of your comfort zone.

You probably already know this.

As I get older, getting stuck in a rut is becoming common place. At least with embracing change I can grow and maintain some semblance of open mindedness. Getting stuck in a rut seems to be synonymous with a fixed mind set.

When we can’t grow, we stagnate.  Stagnating does something twisted to the self. It dulls life. Mid-life crisis’ make a whole lot more sense.

On the more scientific side of the matter, by not stretching the mental capabilities on a regular basis there is a decrease in memory as we get older. Re-call of our memories becomes more difficult.

It’s perhaps for this very reason I push myself out the door to try a new coffee shop or join some random meet-up – if I don’t build this habit now, I won’t even attempt to get out the door in 10, 20, or 30 years for new experiences.

Positive habit building has possessed me. I struggle like everyone else, but I’ve learned a few tricks, triggers and routines to get me going in the right direction 8 out of 10 times.

Writing is the new habit that I am trying to conquer – my arting habit is definitely getting stronger.

Andrea Becker