The Print in Demand Rage

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Becoming an artist is a twisted path – you can project where you want to go, but really at the end of the day it’s a game of Russian roulette. Of course, this could just be me. I’m not a stick to a plan kind of gal – everything is a fly by the seat of my pants happening.

There are hard and fast rules of becoming an artist. The key rule being – must make art daily. Translation - create a habit of making art daily. Find your routine and modify it at times depending on seasons, environment and time commitments. But have a routine. That is a must.

Selling art comes in all shapes and sizes and I’ve settled mostly on the paper and pen medium. In today’s online climate, that means exploring print on demand.

I’ve been incredibly hesitant about approaching this behemoth of topic. I’m scared that paralysis by analysis will set in. With the amount of information that is available out there, where do I begin without drowning and sinking?

I realize that creating a few life preserving questions will help me to stay afloat as I begin the exploration – who will buy my product, what will they buy/is of interest and will it be a steady flow? With POD, am I marketing to my immediate audience on IG or am I pursuing a new audience on those POD platforms?

I know another area I have to invest in is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – that will help with selling as well. Another blog post for another day.

Andrea Becker