Pokerrito Love Song

You want to hit that sushi role hunger, yet when you go to most restaurant and it’s a usual 15 – 25 minute wait before you can satiate that craving. Not with a pokerrito. In 2-5 minutes tops, you are scarfing down that oh so wonderful sushi role in disguise.

Yesterday, I took a friend to the goPoke restaurant over at the International District. I had gone one other time and discovered quick service, to the point selection, and scrumptious fresh ingredients. I didn’t think much more about it - no light bulb went off to speak of. When I made my order and sat down to inhale the pokerrito, it hit me – this is a sushi role on steroids!

As we started eating and exclaiming over our pokerritos, we began to break down how this was so much better than a sushi role. The cost of a pokerrito is the equivalent of buying two sushi roles. Along with the cost difference is the extra benefit of a fresh selection of salmon and tuna in various mouth-watering sauces. Also handy is the fact it’s in a burrito style, making this neat package an easy grab to go meal.

Since I had this eureka moment yesterday, I know where to fix my sushi role craving on a regular basis. Thank goodness I live close by!


Andrea BeckergoPoke