My 5 Daily Life Hacks

5 little life hacks I use to start, keep me going and wrap up my day

One thing I can attest to is habit building – it’s become a daily occurrence for me. About 3 years ago, I was all over the place with how I was living life – struggling with eating wise, moving the bod and keeping check on the mental/spiritual health. Via my husband’s spending habit on self-help books, I managed to glean a couple of key points to being more conscientious with starting some good habits and making considerable self progress.

In the last year, I am now on the lookout for how to refine my habits to get a better day under my belt. Listed below is a mix of habits and triggers I use throughout the day.

Natural light alarms

                I identified as a night owl most of my life, but that changed when I discovered mornings were more productive for me in my personal growth. I’d come home from work and just have no will power or energy to spend time writing or drawing. I was unhappy with myself for a while, and after a few weeks of stressing out began to dig around for a solution for my unproductive self.

Getting up in the morning was it – but getting up without hitting the snooze button was the next challenge. Enter the natural light alarm! Having light slowly protrude into my sleep rhythm was incredibly helpful!

I agree with the majority of people saying that having natural sunlight wake you is the better way to go. However, living in downtown Seattle with 24/7 lighting, we’ve had to settled for having curtains pulled to get to sleep.  

Vitamins first thing

                I don’t want to say I am moody or unhinged, but I found to keep mentally stable throughout the day, I need a regular dosage of vitamins. I know I am not consistent with eating a healthy diet, but I discovered besides coffee, vitamins have stabilized the inflex of chemical reactions in my brain throughout the day, especially if I am stressed. So, first thing I do when I get up in the morning is my vitamins and a big glass of water.

Treat – your – self coffee

                Coffee seems to be a given for everyone, but over the last 3 years I’ve been tweaking my coffee experience. I can’t seem to embrace the bare bold basic flavor of the bean, but I’ve settled for avoiding sugar.

Taking sugar out of my daily coffee was a journey unto itself beginning initially with a two month no sugar purge in my general diet. To treat myself, I frothed my cream and would add some chai masala to the froth occasionally.

Also, cream, ever so gently, sweetens when heated. With going sugarless with my coffee, I’ve begun enjoying the nuanced flavors of the bean instead of fixating on the caffeine sugar fix.

Hydrating makes for happy brain

                I am extremely lucky. Growing up, my immediate and extended family embraced the habit of drinking water (hello Mason jars!), so this area has not been a struggle for me compared to most people.

Initially, drinking the first large glass of the day feels like my innards are being scrubbed out. Secondly, continuous hydrating give my brain a boost – my brain isn’t foggy, I’m not so irritated and I feel energized to keep pushing. I try to get in the habit of having a water bottle beside my bed to start the brain works first thing in the morning.

Again, these are little triggers/habits that I complete each day to keep my brain clear and energized throughout the day. It’s taken me a couple of years to figure out what works for me and it may take you sometime to figure out what little habits you need to keep you pushing forward.

Andrea Becker