The List of Yesteryear

Around the age of 7ish, I started a bucket list. I don’t think I called it a bucket list, but it was a list of items I wanted to accomplish as I got older. The list was long but some of the items that I do remember where – write a book, learn how to book bind, learn how to blow glass, learn a language and skinny dip in every continent. Oh, and dance on a fishing boat.

The Old List

The list, I am sure, is lost to the ages. I created another list focused on professional development and I diligently checked it off as time went by. I spent a lot of time on that list, now that I think about it. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to accomplish from the get-go, but as I became integrated into my field, career focused items began to pop up and demand attention.

I wouldn’t say I was particularly passionate about the list – it was more of a to do list. Professional development improvements had to happen to climb the corporate ladder.

The New List

That list became irrelevant when I quit my office job. Around the time I was tying up loose ends of the day job, an article by Jon Westenberg about investing in the self, grabbed my attention. It sparked a reminder of the kiddie list of long ago. Jon suggested a 100 items and so I’ve followed suit with my own list, which I am still tweaking and refining. So here goes:

1.       Explore the farthest north east south west of Seattle proper

2.       Publish a book of poetry

3.       Become a graphic designer

4.       Livable income from selling art/freelance writing

5.       One year of no processed sugar

6.       Bend over and touch my toes

7.       Basic understanding of accounting 

8.       Proficiently read and speak Spanish 

9.       Explore Argentina/Peru

10.   Make a successful sour dough bread

11.   Build a small cabin retreat

12.   Thirty day 100 Squats, Pushups & Bridges

13.   Finish a coursera program

14.   Create and print a coloring calendar

15.   Reach 140lb goal

16.   Gain and maintain 10lb of muscle

17.   Create a series of successful waterpaint art

18.   5 minute plank

19.   Write a 3 book series on a 14th century female textile merchant

20.   Spend a summer at a beach cottage

21.   Spend a month in Nova Scotia

22.   Make my own clothes

23.   Knit a blanket (COMPLETED)

24.   Have an indoor garden/sunroom

25.   Road trip New Zealand 

26.   Coffee in Venice

27.   Drink coffee in Portland, Maine

28.   Boston in the Fall

29.   Visit an US East coast beach (Bayshore Waterfront Park)

30.   Road trip around Cape Breton 

31.   Get an American driver’s license 

32.   Learn to drive stick shift

33.   Ride a motorcycle

34.   Make cheese

35.   Successfully make croissants from scratch Roast my own coffee

36.   Own chickens

37.   Own goats

38.   Archive contract/temporary/volunteer position (COMPLETED)

39.   Explore Iceland in 2020 with Julia

40.   UK Cathedral tour

41.   National Park tour

42.   Visit Vancouver Island in the Fall

43.   Crochet a scarf

44.   Do a DNA test

45.   Enter art into an exhibit

46.   Do the Seattle Art walk

47.   Become proficient in origami (create 5 pieces 20 times consecutively)

48.   Crochet/knit on a plane ride

49.   Have a potted garden

50.   Attend a powwow 

51.   Own a medieval outfit

52.   Memorize the Book of James

53.   6 month study of Book of John

54.   Create art themed on Bible verses (x25)

55.   Attend a comicon (COMPLETED)

56.   Learn to play the ukulele proficiently

57.   Knit from a pattern

58.   Go to an Oh Hello concert

59.   Buy an entire minimal wardrobe from a thrift store 

60.   Successfully grow roses

61.   Grow an herb garden

62.   Make a galette (COMPLETED)

63.   Create a passive income

64.   Lunch/coffee/phone date monthly w/ a friend

65.   Become a content writer or copy editor

66.   Learn Yoga

67.   Read my entire personal library

68.   Bake a prinzregenten torte

69.   No Imgur for a year

70.   Get out of my comfort zone once a week 

71.   Visit the top green spaces in Seattle

72.   Use up all my paper art supplies before purchasing any more items

73.   Visit every museum in Seattle

74.   Attend a craft/art workshop

75.   Vertical wall garden in home

76.   Make three quilts

77.   Plant & grow English Ivy (COMPLETED)

78.   Sew in pockets for all my skirts

79.   Complete a medieval pilgrimage

80.   Walk through Central Park (New York City) early morning (COMPLETED)

81.   Bake French Macaroons successfully 10 times

The list is far from completed. Each read through will most likely trigger another tweaking to make it just right. Ultimately, the list is more so to push myself out of my comfort zone – to embrace growth and keep learning.

If you have a list, what is your motivation for it? If you don’t have a list, why not?

Andrea Becker