A Slow Seattle Beginning


First Impressions

                When we moved to First Hill, it was a glorious autumn day – completely framed by crisp falling leaves and the uncomfortably close rushing traffic as we moved boxes into the apartment. On that day, I can say I was intimidated.

                We had just transitioned from sleepy Fort Collins, Colorado and the big city feeling was overwhelming. The noise, the traffic, the uncertainty of navigating a new space. That initial first day feeling lingered for quite some time.

Inching Closer

                After a few weeks, I became gainfully employed and the daily life of a cubicle junkie kept me away from the big city feeling. But with time, my foray into the downtown life started happening. Lunch outings with my colleagues, or sometimes with the hubby started to occur. We were right in the hub of the International District. Certain restaurants were repeat visits, and I started to find my regular rhythm to my preference amidst the food jungle.

                Each time we’d try out a new restaurant, a small part of Seattle would rub off on me. Midpoint into the job, I began to crave a bit more exploration of downtown. Sometimes a colleague and I would run over to Pike’s Place Market during lunch. Another colleague and I would hit up Fuji Baker for their divinely delish green tea lattes.

Embracing my National Geographic spirit

                By the time I transitioned out of that job and headed for the hills of my remote working gig, I embraced the explorer persona. I was ready to traverse the streets looking for that scrumptious biscuit or that just right frothy breve. As I walk downtown, I’m comfortable exploring uptown, side-town, whatever-way town and have loved discovering the nuances of Seattle (i.e. see photo).

                I feel like I’ve only just begun – I know there are so many layers to this Pacific Northwest city that I want to dive into immediately. The food, the art, the people – I want to take it all in. Yet at the same, I want to enjoy it thoroughly. I’m not just about ad hoc visits, I’m also about being a repeat visitor and knowing why I keep coming back.

What kind of an explorer are you? Are you a blitz visitor or like to take your time and meander around the same block for several days?

Andrea Becker