Embarking on the Adventure


I’m kind of out of sorts right now.

A few nights back I was particularly frustrated. Earlier in the week, I tried my usual foray into doing my art gig but was coming up short each day. I was flighty; fed up with myself for flitting around the day and not really completing anything of substance. I was seriously lacking routines and fully visualized goals.

The other night I paused and thought about my frustration and knew that the feeling was reminiscent of the previous four months before the accounting contract gig. I had no direction, I was really winging it. However, there was a give – I had a sample of a work situation in which I thrived in. It was a busy day that had tasks with serious deadlines; tasks that were structured identically but each day had different content. I loved that environment. I was busy, but I accomplished a lot, and for the most part, stress-free.

That was my contract gig.

So I began to mull – how can I transfer that accounting experience into my current art situation? What were my tasks and what would my routines look like? I know it will be different this time because this time I have a plan.

This time I know what short-term goal I want to accomplish. So, the other morning during my journaling/devotions, I nailed down the vision. I saw the breakdown of the tasks  that need to be completed and pulled out the tasks for the day, sticky-noted those bad boys up and set aside for when the work period would begin.

The vision was a specific IG/Etsy content-narrative campaign. Over the last several months as I worked my contract job, I continued creating art and posting. I tinkered with IG and Etsy. Several conclusions germinated ideas that rooted in a vision of doing a three-month marketing campaign. I have character sketches nailed down, I have a few medium formats available to me, and I’ve been posting to IG five days a week.

Now is the time to get serious and see what I can hit out of this park.

 So, for the month of March, I will be focusing on creating a select number of art items, taking pictures, creating narrative for IG and Etsy. I will do a couple of promotions and giveaways that will be spotlighted during the three months that tie into selling those items. I’ll make a concentrated effort of connecting with my audience and developing that relationship. I need to see where this will go.

 The last three days have been gems. Each task I set out to do, I’ve completed. Seeing the amount of work and time it takes to create has been a breath of fresh air. I’m looking forward to the rest and the new week ahead!

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