Be Curious


I learned a while back that it is important to be curious. It’s a motto I go back to weekly, because I know it’s so easy to get into a comfort zone.

“Be curious” is a gentle way of kicking myself out the door to explore my environment. “Be curious” is a quiet reminder that the feeling of discomfort while exploring will dissipate. “Be curious” is a mindset I can switch to when I am standing on the precipice of the unknown and I feel like freaking out and crawling under a rock. 

Being curious helps me to not freeze in the face of a huge challenge/goal/problem.

Being curious is about experiences and seeking out new experiences – so that I am revitalized and have new source material for creating.  

Reading Seth Godin’s email thought the other day about experience and variation triggered my internal personal motto of “be curious.” It’s about finding something new and possibly better. I find his structuring of the idea of experiences refreshing;

“The very nature of an experiment is that there’s a chance you’re doing it wrong, or at least less ‘right’ than the way you usually do it” a solid definition. The only alternative is to eagerly engage with the possible. If you follow the recipe the same way every time, you’ll get the same results every time.”

Really it is about experimenting – but to me I have to look at the positive, so hence I spin the “be curious” concept – there is no right or wrong way, just a concentration on the forward momentum of discovery.

For me, being curious deals with my internal freeze factor – it’s a way to combat that fear. I know have experience under my belt to remind me that being curious is beneficial each time the fear monster rears its ugly face.

Andrea BeckerComment