Fear of the Unknown


I was poignantly reminded this morning, that fear of the unknown is blinding.

However, it can easily be combatted by repeated quick peeks into the unknown. After a few exposures, the vision begins to clear, the information is no longer a muddled big glob of floating words. By each exposure to the information, words and data begin to anchor down into coherent thought.  

I keep forgetting this, and thus the cycle repeats itself. 

It happens every single time – fear of the unknown, this big roaring black blob blackens the vision and stands in the way of a peaceful day & routine. I freeze because of the fear and have to talk myself out of it.

It would perhaps be much easier to begin with the realization that there is a solution. I wouldn’t work myself into a dither and let a lot of bad coping habits come back into play (namely stress eating) to temporary distract myself from the fear.  

I forget because I am not actively seeking the unknown. It’s so freaking easy to get into the comfort zone, because the comfort zone is staccato rhythm that gets things. Fear of the unknown takes time to process, breaks up the rhythm and in a sense, you start over again.

Perhaps there is a solution – routinely seek out the unknown. Routinely seeking it out would cause an internal search to cope and integrate that into the routine.

I’m just hoping I don’t repeat this cycle again.  



Andrea BeckerComment